ECB Interest Rates

  • Marginal lending facility 0.25 %
  • Main refinancing operations (fixed rate) 0.00 %
  • Deposit facility - 0.40 %

Euro Exchange Rates

  • USD 1.1146
  • JPY 122.79
  • GBP 0.75925

Activation of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme 


Activation of the procedure for the payment of compensation amount from the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Banks for deposits held in FBME Bank Ltd – Cyprus..


Ship Management Survey 


The Ship Management Survey is conducted biannually by the Central Bank of Cyprus's Balance of Payments Section, which is part of the Statistics Department.  The survey was..


Residential Property Price Indices 


The residential property price indices for Cyprus are constructed by the Central Bank of Cyprus’s Real Estate Unit (REU), which is part  of the Economic..


Foreign Direct Investment 


The publication provides an overview of the major developments in the foreign direct investments of Cyprus and is produced on an annual basis. The analysis, which is based primarily on..